What Clients Say


Josh has a deep passion for helping people realise their full potential and comes from an authentic place rooted in personal experience. He knows how to relate to people and shine a light on that back room in our minds which often locks up our full potential. I have always found my conversations with Josh to be stimulating and insightful and I would recommend him to any professional in particular who is seeking to make sense of their future direction or how to understand and achieve success in their lives.

̶ Mark Philpott - Managing Director, Newcastle Premier Health

I had and continue to have the pleasure of working with Josh on a one to one basis. Since working with him I have reached a new level in my personal life and also my business. With his ability to raise awareness around my patterns and self limiting beliefs, I’ve been able to double my income over the last 3 months. Thank you Josh for everything you do on an day to day basis. I look forward to continuing our journey!

̶ Luke Askew Business Coach & Mentor

Josh has spent time with me, helping me to visualise and deconstruct my anxiety around money. As a new business owner I’ve been driven by fear of not knowing when my next pay packet will come in. Josh’s coaching intervention has influenced my intent and enabled me to chunk things into realistic achievements, leaving me lighter in worry. Josh and I have supported one another’s business ventures, and Josh proactively supported me in my first step into being self employed. It was an unplanned successfully formed collaboration. It’s rare this happens and it’s the most effective of sessions. As I’ve mentioned Josh pushes the boundaries in getting you to face your fears. This is emotional at first, yet refreshingly supportive to use as an ongoing tool kit. To not overlook what drives our behaviours, means we address fear and turn this into an opportunity.

̶ Kay Littlehales - Azul Consultancy LTD

With Josh as my coach i’ve spent a few months creating space in my business and in my personal life and it’s now beginning to pay off. I now have dream clients, which means better results for them. I am more focused on doing my best work instead of the mundane. I have an enhanced understanding of my products and offerings. My self image, my value and of course my awareness of self has drastically improved. It’s 100% from taking action with Josh as my coach. Solid business coaching principles have been massively impactful for my business in such a short time, and the more I invest financially and soulfully the greater the reward, financially as well as otherwise. There’s a lot to be said for giving to SELF every day and I’m very grateful to Josh and his coaching style.

̶ Tanya Filer - Social Media Circle

I have had the pleasure of working with Josh for the last few months and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. He is approachable, honest and has the ability to relate to all situations. His sessions have helped me to adjust my thinking in order to reach my full potential. Since working together, I have seen an upturn in the fortunes of my business and a positive change in my character. I would strongly recommend him to any person looking for direction and wanting to do better. After one session Josh will change your way of thinking completely!

̶ Faraaz Ghaffur - Magnitudo, Managing Director

An amazing and energising development day, well spent with Josh Cheetham. It was an absolute pleasure working with you Josh, your energy, enthusiasm and passion is infectious. You are an inspiring coach and I know you are well on your way to amazing things. Your delivery style was engaging and authentic and ambition to help others is awesome.You walk the walk and you care. Thank You... I'm so excited for the journey ahead with the clarity I have gained.

̶ Ami Dave - Founder of Every Step Matters

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