High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching with Josh Cheetham is a transformational experience that is designed for a driven individual to change their life on a long term sustainable basis. This intense bespoke programme will be designed and tailored to your own personal needs, guaranteeing the result you desire in the process.

Whether you are a business owner wanting to reduce stress levels and develop your leadership style, or if you are on a mission to finally discover who you are, then High Performance Coaching is for you.

High Performance Coaching is the springboard for you to develop the mindset that supports you to live the life you deserve. It will provide you with the opportunity to breakdown any limiting beliefs, set goals effectively, and lead your business to a very high standard.

Josh works with business owners on a 1-1 basis so that they can:

Experience purpose and fulfilment

One of the greatest drains of energy in life, and what is often a source of pain for business owners, is the lack of sense of purpose they experience in day to day tasks of leading an organisation. This issue is rife in today’s business leaders and repeatedly shows up due to the vicious cycles that most tend to settle for. Within HPC Josh helps business owners understand their true self, access their core values and clarify their life purpose(s) which creates a deeper sense of fulfilment on a personal and professional basis.

Reduce Stress and Tension

One of the most intense pressures of business is to do more in less time. With so many demands and stress becoming the norm, we often attempt to do too much, overcommit, firefight constantly and end-up getting far less done than we are truly capable of. Josh helps clients create a space of learning to understand any stressful triggers and manage their overall state consistently. Within HPC Josh takes a very individualised approach to help business owners utilise their most effective tools and strategies, develop positive habits, and deliver greater results with less stress.

Lead, Inspire and Influence

In today’s world of immense technology and AI, we are slowly forgetting our ability to be connected human beings which in turn is killing our ability to lead, inspire and influence others. Today’s business owners have a desire to lead and influence more effectively despite the constant challenges of daily life. Within HPC Josh spends in depth time exploring ones individual leadership style, whilst developing bespoke strategies of how they can be communicated in and outside of the corporate world.

Who is this for?

Typically, an individual who is looking for High-Performance Coaching is a business owner that is looking to reduce stress and develop their overall leadership style. Often, Josh supports these individuals to reach new levels of success and fulfilment whilst implementing specific projects both personally or professionally.


HPC is comprised of 4 sessions per month either in-person or by video conference:

  • The overall programme always commences with a detailed EQ assessment and debrief included.

  • 4 × 90 minute sessions, preferably every 7 days and no more than 10 days apart.

  • Weekly progress check in-between calls to review insights generated, identify what is working and what is not to maintain momentum. Where sessions are delivered through a video conference platform these sessions are recorded and individuals receive access to these recordings.
  • Weekly bespoke tasking to ensure consistent learning and growth.


£1000 per person per month.

While it usually takes around 3 months to generate sustainable results, all of my coaching recommendations are always bespoke to the individual in question. Any recommendations are always determined following an initial conversation.



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