How to Piss 200+ people off before 6am in the morning

How to Piss 200+ people off before 6am in the morning

How to Piss 200+ people off before 6am in the morning….

Yes, you guessed it!! Good old Ryanbloodyair ✈️✈️

Don’t worry, this isn’t a bitter online complaint….

This is just some quick thoughts from this mornings travels which will no doubt make your day as a professional that little bit better!!!

So there we were, 200+ people stood waiting to board the first flight of the day Manchester – Tenerife.

Normal procedure, priority boarding, extra charges at every opportunity, you know the drill!

And then it happened….

We are stood in the ridiculously long queue to finally get in our seats,? and in a flash of hurry the pilots and cabin crew flew past us down the tunnel!!

They wasn’t even on the plane carrying out their preparation etc…. Fantastic news!!

This then proceeded with a large group of grumpy,sleep deprived brits all complaining and moaning together as one – the most British thing ever ?

Absolutely amazing to observe actually!!!

So what’s the message here then? How does this relate to you to as professional?

Here’s the magic….

#1 Rapport can be built anywhere with the correct language and a range of common interests.

It was absolutely fascinating to observe 100s of Mancs from different backgrounds all instantly build a relationship within seconds.

Awesome work from the famous Irish airline….

So, If they can do they do it, then why can’t you?…

#2 Shit is going to show up.

Life is going to happen at some point.

The difference is in how you choose to react to a certain circumstance at any given time .

“ it’s not what happens that determines your life future, it’s what you do about what happens”

This will ultimately impact your state and the results you produce in life as a whole.

It’s turn out the pilot and his team were actually caught up in a huge rush at security.

Let’s hope they weren’t being stopped and searched themselves ey!?

#3 There is opportunity absolutely everywhere.

There is opportunity to learn, opportunity to connect, opportunity to create. Endless opportunity.

Consider this…..

You are always one new conversation from absolutely changing your life.

It has never been easier to do so.

Today I took the opportunity to observe a group of people waiting for a plane in the bid to provide this message and speak with you.

The possibilities are absolutely endless for you.

Maybe you just get to be prepared to seek them?….

#4 You can impact, inspire and serve others, anytime,anywhere.

To be honest.

This last point is more to give you something to go away with and really think about.

Right now, I am writing this at 30,000 feet+ simply because I chose to SERVE you.

This is something that any one of you can adopt in business,whenever you like.

Something special happens internally when you make an effort to help someone else. (But that’s a post in itself)

This can be very easy to lose sight of when you set about your busy life as a driven professional.

You become a slave to your schedule….

You hand over our power to small unimportant irrelevant details…..

You walk by with your head down because it’s easier to be consumed by “that really important email “ ….

This is your invitation to STOP today and think for a moment.

Don’t be afraid to do something different.

Have a great day!!!

Josh Cheetham ~ Peak Performance Coach

PS – This is the view I have just walked into ☀️

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