Stop wearing busyness and the grind like a badge of honour

Stop wearing busyness and the grind like a badge of honour

Stop wearing busyness and the grind like a badge of honour, the truth is, there is actually no honour to be had.

What if I was to tell you that busyness may actually be a sickness that leads to excessive stress and overwhelm?

It’s interesting how at times we find ourselves awfulizing our busyness in our heads to create a sense of significance and satisfaction that we are actually going forward – when in reality we actually aren’t going anywhere long term.

This is by no means me saying that if your busy you aren’t going to create result. Maybe I’m not actually just talking about results though, maybe I’m talking sustainability? Maybe I’m talking about the ability to do what your doing right now for the long term. That my friend is where you create progress, and the beauty of it is that you get to feel good more often other than feeling heavy and fatigued.

Maybe we manufacture this stress in our minds because of the old school belief that we should be working hard all the time to be worthy of anything? For me personally, that’s absolute BS.

We get to create balance. We get to create a mixture of both giving back to ourselves whilst implementing the key actions that take our business forward.

So why do we continually create and settle for this way of living?….

In one word. Fear.

We are afraid of our own selves being expressed and the world actually seeing who we actually are.

The society that creates the anxiety.

We are defined by what we do and what we produce. We are conditioned to hold our worth in our careers, the car that we drive, the amount of followers we have, the salary we earn or don’t earn.

What do you do?

This is always the first question asked at parties or new gatherings, and the implication is that IF WE ARE NOT BUSY DOING SOMETHING THEN WE ARE SOMEHOW NOT WORTHY AS A HUMAN BEING. (Workaholics take note)

People are hustling, grinding and fighting for worthiness, due to being completely unconscious to this generational endless story that I am revealing to you right now.

Trying, Forcing, Grinding and Hustling Vs Actually Being Who You Are

I will leave you with this picture. I couldn’t put things any better myself.

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