Josh Cheetham

Josh has had a profound and lasting impact on the most challenged CEO’s, directors and business owners. Josh’s very grounded, yet relatable approach would entice anyone to sit back and press the PAUSE button. Josh takes pride in removing the assumption from any of his coaching sessions and ensures there is a present focus on the client’s individual needs.

Having experienced some of life’s adversity, Josh is an expert when it comes to applying his very own successful tool kit in dealing with challenges and forming new habits. To work out how to deal with your own situation, he will support you in encouraging a solution-based approach, keeping you accountable throughout and saying what needs to be said, exactly at the right time.

Josh’s focal point is putting the client at the heart of everything he does. This shows from his testimonials and heartfelt feedback from professionals that felt they were on the brink of not coping in their current role or situation. When you experience a powerful coaching conversation with Josh, you will get the opportunity to reflect effectively, cultivating consistent clarity throughout the process.  

Josh holds on to a very powerful and compelling set of values, which will be apparent the moment you engage with him. Josh has observed many highly stressed individuals throughout his experience and clearly identifies with the consequences of not dealing with a current situation effectively.

As a business leader, you deserve to live the best life possible. If that means doing the work to change the way you feel, think and act, Josh will help you to do that.

Josh understands that making the first step towards personal growth means you picking up the phone or making an enquiry. He isn’t one to heavily self-promote – it’s more of a trusted personable relationship. Come see for yourself.

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