Josh Cheetham

Josh has had a profound and lasting impact on the most challenged CEO’s, directors and business owners. Josh’s very grounded, yet relatable approach would entice anyone to sit back and press the PAUSE button. Josh takes pride in removing the assumption from any of his coaching sessions and ensures there is a present focus on the client’s individual needs.

Having experienced some of life’s adversity, Josh is an expert when it comes to applying his very own successful tool kit in dealing with challenges and forming new habits. To work out how to deal with your own situation, he will support you in encouraging a solution-based approach, keeping you accountable throughout and saying what needs to be said, exactly at the right time.

Josh’s focal point is putting the client at the heart of everything he does. This shows from his testimonials and heartfelt feedback from professionals that felt they were on the brink of not coping in their current role or situation. When you experience a powerful coaching conversation with Josh, you will get the opportunity to reflect effectively, cultivating consistent clarity throughout the process.  

Josh holds on to a very powerful and compelling set of values, which will be apparent the moment you engage with him. Josh has observed many highly stressed individuals throughout his experience and clearly identifies with the consequences of not dealing with a current situation effectively.

As a business leader, you deserve to live the best life possible. If that means doing the work to change the way you feel, think and act, Josh will help you to do that.

Josh understands that making the first step towards personal growth means you picking up the phone or making an enquiry. He isn’t one to heavily self-promote – it’s more of a trusted personable relationship. Come see for yourself.

My Story

I was constantly caught between battles of bitterness and resentment when my parents separated…

I would feel confused, lost and misunderstood.

Throughout my teenage years, my Dad controlled me and prevented me doing the things I wanted to do, and feelings the things I wanted to feel.

I always wanted to be like the other kids, but I wasn’t allowed to do anything, and I was living in constant fear of my Dad.

I used to protect myself and my Mum with white lies that prevented certain topics from coming up.

If I didn’t do that?

I would just feel bullied in my own home.

I felt so angry all the time, but I was so fearful of expressing my emotions, as I didn’t know how my Dad would react.

I didn’t know myself, I couldn’t express myself, and I wasn’t truly being me.

I would find myself screaming into pillow cases on frequent occasions.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t much better on the other side of coin, I also had to deal with my Mum…

The environment where I used to visit my mum was chaotic. I would constantly witness substance fuelled arguments which seemed to get worse every week.

The constant toing and froing of both households left me feeling isolated and in my own head.

I felt alone with everything, and remember thinking to myself that maybe I wasn’t loved.

There is a big difference between feeling that you are loved, in comparison to just hearing the words.

In my teens, I decided to remove myself from my mum and the toxic behaviour that came with her to allow myself to grow.

This was probably one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. I remember being heartbroken in school the day after we had spoken. The teachers couldn’t understand why my behaviour had changed…

But it was because I felt really guilty for having to make that decision.

Things got worse with my mum. She lost her house, her job and was being physically beaten by her new partner.

I remember feeling powerless as I arrived at my Grandparents to see my Mum’s face black and blue. I not only felt anger, but I also carried a feeling of guilt because I wanted to do something to help…

But I couldn’t.

There was nothing I could do.

To escape from things that was going on, I took the path into long weekends, fuelled with every party drug I could get my hands on.

At first, it was just something I did to blow off steam but eventually it spiralled out of control.

It became my life.

I remember feeling like it was my way of making life about me.

The truth is, I was trying to my find my worth. This was my way of gaining an element of control, when in reality, I was just creating a false sense of security.

I was acting from a place of desperation and need. This became a recurring cycle which eventually started to impact my health…

I was sat awake one night and believed that I was going to die if things didn’t change. This pain was so unbearable, and I felt like I was reaching my rock bottom…

I realised at this point I wanted to express who I truly was. I knew there was something special within me, I just never felt comfortable to share that with the world.

I took action to change my situation, and within a short space of time I had immersed myself into the world of training and development.

This job was a blessing, because not only did it allow me to develop a career, but It also allowed me to really understand who I was, and learn so much about myself at the same time.

I could finally see a brighter future for myself.

But there was still something missing…

I was living a double life, I was still taking drugs; and I was restless, irritable and constantly stressed.

A Choice that changed my life

It was here that I discovered the world of therapy and coaching!

There is no doubt about it, this choice that I made, one hundred percent, changed my life.

After my first session, it was like a weight had been lifted.

I was amazed at how much I actually needed to talk about. There was so much that I needed to deal with that I had held onto for so many years. I was experiencing all these crazy emotions, but I could never understand or manage them. Therapy and coaching allowed me to understand them, and it allowed me to start to communicate and express myself properly.

Things became clear for me and I started to develop a belief in who I truly was. I started to explore my own values and true desires which allowed me to create a sense of knowing that I could create the life that I wanted.

From there?

Everything shifted.

I launched my own training business and became a coach myself!

Throughout the development of my own coaching style, I came to realise that the answers that I’d been searching for were always held in my own head. I simply wasn’t asking myself the right questions.

I came to finally understand the enormous capabilities of human beings.

I started to witness people changing their lives right in front of me, simply by applying the tools and strategies which I shared with them.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their way or thinking and understand who they truly are so that they can create success for themselves.

But the biggest transformation of all?


From a young, suppressed, drug-taking lad – looking for anything to hide away from who he really was…

To a guy that knows exactly who he is, why he feels the way he does, and knows exactly where he is going!

Incredible things will take place in your life when you choose to ask the right questions, so let me ask you the right questions to create the direction, fulfilment and success you deserve. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve when you truly BeYou.

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